Learning Network Update

We would like to inform our readers and members that we will not be updating our site for some time, due to the fact that we will be moving offices. Our current building will be fumigated due to a few pest control problems, and though we have found this place to be our second home, the amount of time it would take for the building to be usable again will be longer than it would take us moving to another office. We have spoken with the Pest Control Company Perris undertaking the whole procedure, and it is not possible for the wait to be shorter than it is. Check out this site sandiegobailbonds.webs.com

We found this as a perfect opportunity to move offices, as we have been planning this for some time now. It would only take a week or so before we can be up and running again, though it is possible for me to post some articles at home. But without the team and resources, I wouldn’t be able to release the content of the same quality as doing it in the office. So until everything is done, we hope you can bear with us. The site will remain up along with the already publish articles though, so worry not about losing us.